When you’re looking to buy a car, it’s important to have it shipped to your home. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 10 best national car shipping companies. By choosing one of these companies, you rest assured that your car delivered safely and quickly.


FedEx is one of the most popular national car shipping companies. They offer a variety of shipping options, including ground, air and international shipping. FedEx also offers a delivery guarantee to ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination in a timely manner.


United Parcel Service (UPS) is the largest package delivery company in the world. With more than 260,000 employees and a global network of more than one million points of distribution, UPS enables businesses and consumers to get their packages delivered quickly and reliably. In addition to its domestic operations, UPS also delivers packages internationally.


Looking for a reputable car shipping company? U-Haul may be the perfect option for you! With more than 60 years of experience under its belt, U-Haul is a leader in the car shipping industry.

From large to small, U-Haul can handle any size vehicle. We have specialized vehicles and crews that are specifically trained to transport cars safely and efficiently. Our worldwide network of locations means we can always bring your car to you.

Plus, our competitive rates make us one of the most affordable car shipping companies around. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

National Car Shipping Companies

AAA is a well-known car shipping company that service customers nationwide. They offer several different car shipping services, including AAA Roadside Assistance and AAA Auto Transport.

AAA offers a variety of car shipping services to meet the needs of its customers. These include AAA Roadside Assistance and AAA Auto Transport. AAA Roadside Assistance is a roadside assistance service that provides assistance with stranded drivers and vehicle repairs. AA Auto Transport is an auto transport service that will take care of moving your vehicle from one location to another.

If you’re looking for a reputable car shipping company, look no further than AAA. They offer a wide range of services that will meet your needs, and they’re known for their reliability.

Road Runner

Road Runner Car Shipping is one of the top car shipping companies in the United States. They offer a variety of services, including door-to-door shipping and 24/7 customer support.

Their prices are very competitive, and they have a 99% satisfaction rate with their customers. Road Runner also offers a variety of optional add-ons, such as insurance and crating.

Overall, Road Runner is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable car shipping company.

Parcel Pro

PARCEL PRO is the leading car shipping company in the United States. They offer a wide range of shipping options, including ground, 2nd-day air, and overnight delivery. PARCELL PRO also offers a variety of customization options, including weight and dimensions restrictions. So whether you’re moving a car from California to Florida or just need to get it to your doorstep as quickly as possible, PARCELL PRO is the perfect choice for you!

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines is a top national car shipping company that specializes in moving cars across the country. They offer a variety of services, including traditional car shipping and auto transport, to make the process as smooth as possible for their customers. They have over 150 years of experience in the car shipping industry, so you can be sure that they will take care of your vehicle while it’s in transit.

Atlas Van Lines offers several convenient features that make moving a car easy. Their online Moving Calculator allows you to input all of the information about your move, and it will provide estimates based on your specific situation. If you have any questions or concerns while your car is in transit, Atlas Van Lines has 24/7 customer service available to help you.

If you’re looking for a reliable car shipping company, Atlas Van Lines should be at the top of your list. They offer a wide range of services and are known for their exceptional customer service. With Atlas Van Lines by your side, getting your vehicle moved a breeze!

Gray Line

When you’re in the market for a new car, one of the first things to consider is where it will be shipped. There are a variety of shipping companies that offer car shipping services across the U.S., from small regional carriers to some of the biggest national companies. Here’s a look at five of the top national car shipping companies and their respective strengths:

  1. FedEx: FedEx is well-known for its reliable delivery service, and its cars shipping capabilities are no exception. With more than 215,000 employees and locations in more than 200 countries, FedEx is able to move large items with ease. In addition to traditional ground shipping, FedEx offers delivery options such as “next day air” and “3-day air.”

  1. U-Haul: U-Haul is another company with a wide range of delivery options. From standard ground shipping to instant pickup and drop-off, U-Haul has something for everyone. Like FedEx, U-Haul also offers “next day air” and “3-day air.” One notable difference between U-Haul and FedEx is that U-Haul does not offer direct online car shipment services; customers must contact a local branch in order to arrange car transport.

  1. Ryder: Ryder is one of the smaller players on this list, but it’s still well known for its customer service excellence. With over 1,500 location throughout the United States, Ryder is able to quickly get

Amer Van Lines

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable car shipping company, look no further than Amer Van Lines. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Amer Van Lines takes pride in providing top-notch customer service and fast delivery times.

Amer Van Lines offers a variety of shipping options to choose from, including ground, air, and ocean cargo. You can also opt for a package shipment if you need your car delivered within a specific time frame. Regardless of which shipping option you choose, Amer Van Lines guarantees quick and efficient delivery.

If you’re having trouble making a decision about which car shipping company to use, give Amer Van Lines a try. You disappointed!

National Car Shipping Companies: Conclusion

When it comes to shipping a car, there are many different companies to choose from. In this article, we have listed the top 10 national car shipping companies based on user ratings and reviews. Hopefully, this list will help you make an informed decision when selecting a company to ship your vehicle.