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How Do I Protect My UTV Windshield When Trailering?

Trailering your UTV is a great way to get it from one location to another without driving it. However, ensuring that your UTV’s windshield is adequately protected before and during transport is essential. Your windshield can become scratched, cracked, or otherwise damaged without proper protection Shipping Auto.

In this article, we’ll discuss five pre-transport windshield protection measures, the use of windshield covers or shields, and five secure tie-down techniques for protection during transport. So, let’s get started!

Pre-Transport Windshield Protection – 5 Measures

Taking certain steps before transporting your UTV can help protect your windshield from damage during the journey. Here are five key measures you should consider before loading up your UTV for a drive:

  • Clean your windshield thoroughly inside and out. This helps reduce the risk of scratches from debris and dirt that might be caught in the wind during the trip.
  • Apply a thin layer of quality wax to the windshield. This creates a protective barrier against dirt, dust and other particles that could damage the windshield Shipping Auto.
  • Replace any worn-out windshield wipers. Old and worn-out windshield wipers can cause further damage to the windshield if left unchecked.
  • Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. If bad weather is in the forecast, it is best to cover your windshield with a protective cover or shield to keep it from becoming damaged by rain, hail, or other elements.
  • Consider using tie-downs for extra protection. Properly securing your UTV with tie-downs can help reduce the risk of jostling and vibration during transport and thus reduce the risk of windshield damage.

Using Windshield Covers or Shields

When trailering your UTV, you can protect the windshield with a cover or shield. Windshield covers or shields prevent road debris from hitting the windshield and causing chips or scratches. They also provide UV protection and reduce glare from the sun.

If you choose to use a windshield cover, be sure to pick one that is customized to fit your UTV model. The cover should fit snugly and be windproof to ensure it doesn’t come off while on the road. Ensure that the cover is made of durable material that can withstand inclement weather conditions.

Windshield shields are also a great option. They are typically made of either aluminum or plastic and come in various sizes and shapes to fit your UTV. Shields provide complete protection from the elements and a clear road view. They are easy to install and have all the necessary hardware for a secure fit.

5 Secure Tie-Down Techniques for protection during transport

When it comes to transporting your UTV, there are five tie-down techniques you can use to ensure your windshield stays protected.

  • Secure the UTV onto the trailer or truck bed: A securely tied-down UTV will protect your windshield most. Be sure to use strong and durable tie-downs and tie them to the frame of the UTV or trailer.
  • Cover the UTV with a tarp: Covering the UTV with a tarp will help protect the windshield from dirt, debris, and other windblown items. Make sure to secure the tarp tightly around the UTV using ropes or bungee cords so that it won’t be able to move around while you’re driving.
  • Install a UTV windshield cover: Installing a UTV windshield cover allows you to protect the windshield without covering the entire vehicle. You can find these covers online and in stores.
  • Use foam wind blockers: Foam wind blockers are a great way to protect your windshield from debris while driving. Simply attach the foam wind blockers to the UTV’s frame and adjust them as needed.
  • Use a ratchet strap: Using a ratchet strap to secure the UTV to the trailer or truck bed is a great way to ensure the UTV is securely tied down. Make sure to use a ratchet strap that is rated for the weight of your UTV so it won’t come loose during transport.

By following these five tie-down techniques, you can ensure your UTV windshield stays safe and protected during transport.

Shipping Auto – Parting Words

Securely protecting your UTV windshield before and during transport is essential, not only to ensure the safety of your vehicle. But also for your own safety. There are several effective methods to ensure your windshield is adequately protected. Including pre-transport protection, the use of windshield covers or shields, and secure tie-down techniques.

By taking the time to prep your UTV and its windshield for transport properly, and following the tips provided in this article, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your UTV and its windshield are secure for the journey ahead.