Shipping a vehicle can often be an expensive task, but it doesn’t have to break the bank Cheapest Vehicle Shipping Companies. With some research and comparisons of rates, you can find affordable vehicle shipping companies in Canada.

Cheapest Vehicle Shipping Companies Factoring in the Costs

When looking for cheap vehicle shipping, it’s important to consider all the potential costs involved:

  • Freight rates – This is the base cost to ship your vehicle from point A to point B. Rates can vary based on distance, vehicle size/weight, and time of year.
  • Accessorial charges – Fees for items like liftgates, rescheduling, rehandling, border crossing documentation, etc.
  • Origin/destination services – Costs for pickup/delivery, loading/unloading help, drive-aways.
  • Transit time – Opt for economical/value service if your timeline allows to save vs. expedited shipment.

Get quotes accounting for all applicable fees to compare true overall costs between carriers.

Economy vs Expedited Shipping

One of the primary factors impacting vehicle shipping rates is transit time. Economy/value services take 5-14 business days on average while expedited moves vehicles within 3 days.

Opting for an economy move can save $200-500 vs expedited, so it’s worth considering if your timeline permits. Be sure to plan extra buffer days as well if using a non-guaranteed transit time service.

Cheapest Vehicle Shipping Companies Finding Affordable Carriers

Here are some tips for finding cheap vehicle shipping companies:

Use Brokerage Sites

Transportation brokerage sites gather quotes from multiple carriers. This allows easy comparisons of rates for the best deal.

Consider Shared Transport

Carriers using shared trucks can offer lower pricing by splitting costs between vehicles. This is a good option if timeline permits.

Cheapest Vehicle Shipping Companies Research No-Frills Options

Companies operating without extra services may pass those savings to customers through affordable rates.

Ask About Discounts

Inquire with carriers about membership programs, loyalty discounts, coupon codes or other ways to reduce pricing.

Additional Savings Tips

Beyond choosing the right carrier and service, there are other ways Canadians can reduce vehicle shipping costs:

  • Book further in advance when possible for the lowest negotiated rates.
  • Ship during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall to avoid peak summer/winter demand pricing.
  • Consider open carriers for DIY loading/unloading to save on accessorial fees.

With some homework, it’s very possible to find affordable transportation for shipping a vehicle within Canada or across borders. Focus on full cost comparisons rather than just quoted rates to identify the best budget-friendly options.

Overseas Imports to Canada

Importing a vehicle from overseas like the US will also require custom clearance paperwork and potential duties/taxes to consider in the overall cost.

DIY International Auto Transport

With global partnerships, Transports can handle cross-border vehicle shipments between most countries. Rates for US/Canada are $1200-2000 depending on origin/destination when clearing customs is included.

Cheapest Vehicle Shipping Companies

Service Base Price
Open Carrier (US to Canada) $1,000-1,500
Enclosed Transport $1,300-2,000

As one of the largest import transporters, Transport’s prices are very competitive end-to-end when factoring all related import fees.