If you need to transport your car, truck, or other vehicle for a move, repairs, or selling it in a new location, auto transport services can help get the job done cost-effectively Transport Your Vehicle Across Town.

This in-depth guide covers various money-saving strategies and options to consider when arranging vehicle shipment.

Shop around for competitive quotes

Getting price estimates from multiple auto transport companies is one of the easiest ways to potentially save money. Request quotes online from national carriers as well as any local haulers in your starting point and destination areas.

Explain the details of your transport job, including vehicle make/model, pick-up/drop-off locations and dates. You may find rates vary significantly between providers for the same service.

Look for auto shippers that are transparent about fees. Some add on costs for things like mileage that can drive the final bill higher. Compare “all-in” prices to get accurate estimates. Negotiating with a company that gave the lowest bid sometimes yields an even better deal too.

Utilize affinity programs or partnerships

Several auto transporters offer discounted rates for association members like alumni groups or professional organizations.

Check with groups you belong to see if any affinity deals exist. Auto manufacturers also occasionally provide preferred carriers for customers moving new vehicles. Inquire about such partnership programs when purchasing a car.

Consider open transport options

Transport Type Description Cost
Enclosed carrier Vehicle is fully enclosed in a transport truck trailer. Most expensive option but provides highest security.
Open carrier Vehicle is secured but exposed to elements on top of truck trailer. Less costly than enclosed but watch for weather/road hazards.
Drive-away service You or a designee drives the vehicle to destination while hauler follows in a support vehicle. Least expensive but requires able driver for entire trip.

Opting for open transport modes rather than fully enclosed options can bring the price down noticeably depending on distance. Just be aware of potential risks to vehicle from road grime or weather.

Try carrier shuttle services – Transport Your Vehicle Across Town

If you only need to transport a vehicle a relatively short distance within a metropolitan region, look into shuttle services offered by some auto transport companies. Similar to a Park & Ride program, you’ll drop off your car at a hand-off location and the hauler will shuttle it to another spot near your destination for much less than a long-distance haul.

Move during less busy periods – Transport Your Vehicle Across Town

Like airlines and hotels, vehicle shipping prices tend to rise during peak travel seasons and holidays when demand is higher. Try to schedule a move for spring or fall rather than summer if possible. Transporting in January through March is usually less costly than May through August timeframe.

Getting a vehicle transported right after major holidays when demand drops back down can also mean better deals versus right before or during holiday travel rushes. Carriers may also offer occasional discounts or promotions during slow periods to help fill available capacity.

Negotiate discounts for multi-vehicle hauls

Transporting multiple vehicles at once, whether for a car dealership or an individual moving several cars, provides an opportunity to negotiate a volume discount from auto carriers. Consolidating pick-ups/drop-offs into one coordinated shipment takes less time and resources for haulers. They often will pass on a portion of those savings.

The same goes if you can schedule your transport as part of a group move organized through a large apartment building, office relocation, etc. Larger loads allow companies to maximize semi-trailer capacity for lower per-vehicle costs.

Pay with discount transport branded credit cards – Transport Your Vehicle Across Town

Some major auto shipping providers partner with banks to offer co-branded credit cards that can offer rewards, rebates or statement credits specifically for services from that carrier. Even if you don’t plan to keep the card long-term, applying and being approved may instantly shave money off your transport bill.

These cards may provide an introductory discount on the first transaction or earn points per dollar spent redeemable for future shipments. At minimum look at any special promotions available through the finance options presented by different transporter websites.

Taking time to compare auto transport quotes, consider various carriers and service types, and leverage promotions can help you save meaningful money arranging vehicle relocation. Shopping strategically is key to getting the best value on auto shipping costs.